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Additional Services

Pool Checkup is your go to company for services above and beyond regular cleaning and maintenance. In fact, we pride ourselves on being experts on the more technical aspects of the industry as we enjoy helping our clients understand their pool and equipment and want to help you have the backyard experience you desire.

Pool Inspections

When you purchase a home, a home inspection is nearly always ordered. Why not do the same for your pool, which is the single largest asset or potential expense on your property outside of the home itself. Often home inspectors will spend a few lines documenting your pool, but that’s not sufficient. When you order our separate pool inspection service we’ll spend an hour or so, often more, analyzing and reporting on what we find about your pool and equipment. We’ll provide you with a detailed and thorough report to let you know exactly about your specific pool and equipment, as well as general operational information about a swimming pool. With our pool inspection report you’ll have the information necessary to make an informed decision about the pool that you are purchasing with your property.

Construction Consulting

A pool is the single largest asset on your property, aside from your home itself. When you’re making such a large financial and time commitment necessary to get the pool of your dreams, make sure it’s all worth it. When a new home is constructed, local jurisdictions will send an inspector out at major stages of the process to ensure everything is being completed properly. This is not the case with pool construction and you simply have to trust that your pool builder will do what they say they will and not cut any corners along the way. With Pool Checkup Construction Consultant program you have an advocate on your side that will guide you through the process and ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re expecting and paying for, when all is said and done. We can tailor our consulting package to your needs, so feel free to contact us.

Leak Detection

Pool leaks affect the water quality and water level in your swimming pool. In addition to pool maintenance and cleaning, Pool Checkup also offers pool leak detection. Contacts us below to schedule a diagnostic call and a repair estimate, if necessary.

Pool School

Pool School is the perfect solution to those property owners who want to maintain their own pool, but don’t quite have all of the necessary knowledge or experience to do so. Although we always recommend professional service as your best bet to the pool of your dreams, we’re also happy to share with you all of the knowledge we can to set you up for success as you service your own pool. We’ll walk through your entire pool and system with you, as well as share general knowledge with you, to ensure that you’ll get a passing grade once you’re done with our Pool School class!

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